Hi Marycoin Dev Team,

I am about to invite my friends to utilize the P2P exchange ( https://mc-ex.multicoins.org ) to try out Marinecoin ( symbol MTC) P2P trading. Can you add Marinecoin (MTC ) as one of cryptocurrency payment?

I find your localbitcoins type of P2P exchange very interesting with almost no fees and I want to try out real trade. This would be ideal user case for small amount of p2P exchange on fiat or for my case on MTC with online community friends and users can always trade through openTrade exchange if they do not want hodl MC.

There are quite large market for crypo-to-crypto P2P trading, mainly on those restricted coins/tokens where the listing is still not available, or in Marinecoin case it is available, but with trading limitation.
P2P would be ideal case for those of trading. If the P2P volume is huge, and the coin is bitcoin compatible, it can always be listed in openTrade later. I forsee P2P has its own merit in fiat or crypto-to-crypto
trading. P2P actually has no limitation, in theory this P2P platform can be expanded to trade old books for example using MC as media of exchange and making the platform more like Ebay.