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Thread: Mystery MC deposit not showing up in OpenTrade Platform balance, but in history

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    Mystery MC deposit not showing up in OpenTrade Platform balance, but in history

    Hi kzv,

    One of my OpenTrade platform ( member has very wierd MC deposit situation. He deposit 272 MC last night and it is still not in balance. I can tell this from Amin panel that this despot was not in balance.
    I tried this morning and it seems all good and my deposit showed up in balance in 4 hours. My MC setup requires 8 confirmation, and his transaction ID had more than 40 transactions.

    This deposit becomes a mystery. Can you explain why this confirmed deposit not showing up in balance while the platform software seems to work fine for other people?

    His transaction ID on MC blockchain: txid
    d73da713d8498528e456f50873e3056dbfc37b9680e7832dbc f2870f99331a1c

    Here is DISCORD (ShorelineCyrpto: channel content on this:
    honglu69 - Today at 10:17 AM
    @Minernlk. I did a test my self on MC deposit. got MC showed up in my balance in several hours. The wallet and system is working well. Try to open your wallet running in PC and get confirmation in your wallet as well there. .
    Also did MNOS deposit this morning as test, all is working and showing up in balance.
    Minernlk - Today at 10:45 AM
    @honglu69 Why it appears in history that does not appear in balance
    I have made withdraw from
    (screen shot)

    honglu69 - Today at 10:52 AM
    @Minernlk Very valid question here. History will show any unconfirmed deposit/withdraw. Only confirmed and validated show up in balance. Our platform use the same software as OpenTrade. I will a question to MC forum to kzv, the developer of the platform on your mystery deposit situation. Do not worry on this at this moment, we will resolve it one way or the other.
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