kzv: The problem gets fixed automatically. The user gets all 272 MC in his balance normally. The debug log showed that this was done by OpenTrade software automatically about half hour ago.

Now I know the reason. The Marinecoin(MTC) network has been congested and attacked by one miner. The MTC daemon took 100% CPU resource while I only have 2 CPU totals. This resource starving situation
caused the OpenTrade software not able to update balance, not even after I upgrade to new commits. Actually it was hard to tell before today because the server side always had some % CPU left over for nodejs over last several days, but obviously it impacted a lot. I took the MTC wallet off about 2 hours ago and let the exchange software running for 2 hours with extra 100% CPU back. It all fixed the problem.

Again, appreciate your help here. OpenTrade exchange software platform is solid and awesome and so does Marycoin!